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Giving opportunities together.

The DUC Club is your opportunity to make targeted monthly donations to selected projects and, as part of our community, to work together to create new opportunities for people and planet. From humanitarian aid to empowerment to environmental protection, we want to work together where we can achieve a lot, promote positive development and open up new perspectives.

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Humanitarian aid


Environmental protection

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Who we are

We are a small group of young people who came together in 2021 to pool our knowledge and donations. Because our goal is to make donations a natural part of our lives, and in this way create new opportunities for people and the planet.

What we do


… as a powerful tool to share resources and give back to the world.


For us, creating impact means enabling help for self-help, tackling causes instead of symptoms, and supporting sustainable improvement.


… we can increase our impact, benefit from constant exchange, motivate each other and continuously inspire each other with new ideas and approaches.

Donate together with us.

Start now and donate monthly for a good cause.

We have selected seven donation projects that have convinced us. You decide whether you want to donate to all projects or only to certain ones.

We will forward your donation in full and, if you wish, we will of course issue you a donation receipt (tax deductible in Germany).

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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