Donating is a good thing – we know that, you know that. But why do we sometimes find it so difficult to simply press the donate button? Well, because you have to find it first! After all, there are a few intermediate steps between the wish to donate and the actual transfer. The research of the projects, a critical check of the organizations behind the projects, the concern that a small donation might not have any effect at all, and the final decision as to which of the countless, important projects it should be.

This is where the DUC Club comes in: We introduce you to seven carefully selected donation projects where your and our donations are bundled and arrive safely every month.

Giving opportunities - for people and planet

We at the DUC Club want to make donating as uncomplicated, multifaceted and beautiful as possible. Therefore we research numerous donation projects around the issues of humanitarian aid, empowerment and environmental protection. When selecting our projects, we consider not only the track record and non-profit nature of the organization to be donated to, but also the scope of the problem, the potential effectiveness and sustainability of the project approach, and the fit with our focus areas. Once a year, all DUC members then democratically vote on the donation projects that will receive our jointly collected donations in the coming year. In addition, there is a regularly changing current project. This enables us to pursue a direct aid approach in case of acute problems in addition to the long-term perspective of the six current donation projects – of course taking into account the same criteria as for the general project selection. As part of our community, you have full transparency at all times about how your donation is being used and receive regular updates from us about what we have achieved together.

Achieving more together

The idea of “Giving opportunities together” is at the forefront of our minds from the first to the last donation step. Together, we can automatically increase our impact, benefit from constant exchange, motivate each other and continuously inspire each other with new ideas and approaches. For us, giving opportunities means above all helping people to help themselves, to fight causes instead of symptoms, and to support sustainable improvement. Donating time and money is an important part of the idea of sharing resources and giving back to the world. As part of the DUC community, you can get involved in whatever way works best for you. As a monthly giver, your contribution will help us increase our effectiveness in a targeted and ongoing way. You can sit back and let your donations create new opportunities. If you would also like to invest time and get actively involved, you can become a member of the DUC Club and get involved as part of our non-profit.

You know about a great project?

We are always looking for new, exciting projects. Are you involved yourself, do you know someone or are you simply completely convinced by a project? Then feel free to share it with us. 

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