Project selection

We are constantly collecting new ideas and engaging with new projects, especially in our focus areas of humanitarian aid, empowerment and environmental protection. When selecting our projects, we consider not only the seriousness and non-profit nature of the organisations to which we want to donate our funds, but also the scope of the problem, the potential effectiveness and sustainability of the project approach, and the fit with our focus areas. 

Once a year, all DUC Club members vote democratically on the donation projects that will receive our jointly collected donations in the upcoming year. In addition, there is a regularly changing, current project, usually in the area of emergency aid or crisis intervention. When choosing the current project, we are of course guided by our DUC criteria and vote democratically. You can find our team member here.

As part of our DUC Club Community, you have full transparency at all times about which projects are currently in focus and how your donation will be used. You can always find information on our website, for example about the current project. In addition, we will of course inform you by email about changes in the selection of projects. We are currently planning a newsletter that will provide you with the most important news about the DUC Club, the project selection and important information about donations on a regular basis.

Interested in the newsletter? Then leave us your email address and you will be the first to know when it is launched!


The DUC Club is a non-profit organization and is therefore accountable to the tax office. We must regularly prove the correct use of funds in accordance with the statutes and can thus confirm our credibility to you. Furthermore, as part of the „Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft“ we have committed to providing additional information about our club and our activities in a transparent manner.

Every donation received by us is 100% forwarded to the selected projects or donation organizations. All costs that arise for the running of the association (e.g. for bank account and website) are borne by the members of the association themselves – your donation remains unaffected. If you donate via donation form or PayPal, a small part of your donation amount will be withheld by the payment service provider before we receive it. The DUC Club Team works on a voluntary basis and donates monthly to our projects.

The easiest way for you and for us is to donate via our donation form (credit or debit card). In this case, you can adjust your monthly donation directly online and view your previous donation amounts. However, as with PayPal, the payment service provider (Stripe) charges fees for this. If you donate via bank transfer/standing order or Facebook, there are no fees, so we can forward 100% of your donation amount to our fundraising projects. Fee overview:

  • Donation form: 1.2% + 0.25€ (EU Visa and Mastercard); optional contribution for donation platform (Raisely).
  • PayPal: 1,5% + 0,35€ (EU)
  • Facebook: free of charge
  • SEPA direct debit: free of charge
  • Bank transfer/standing order: free of charge

With our donation form, you can easily decide to make a monthly or one-off donation in the amount of your choice with just one click. Click here for the donation form. For your donation via debit or credit card, we use the free and secure donation form from Raisely.

Of course you can also send us your donation as a classic bank transfer or standing order to the donation account below. In this case, please include your email address in the reason for payment.

By default, we divide your donation equally between all projects. If you only want to donate to certain projects, you can indicate this directly in the donation form. If you donate via Facebook, PayPal or bank transfer, please indicate the projects you would like to support in the comments field.

There are many other ways to do good. We are currently preparing a separate blog entry for this. Stay tuned!

Is my donation tax deductible? Does the DUC Club provide donation receipts?

The DUC Club is a non-profit organisation based in Germany. Therefore your donation is tax deductible in Germany. If you would like to make your donation tax deductible, please use our simplified donation receipt. For (monthly) donations over € 300.00, you will receive an official donation receipt from us at the beginning of the following year.

DUC Club

Instead of „Do ut des“ (Latin: „I give so that you give.“) we said „Damus ut crescit“ („We give so that it develops.“) – or „DUC“ for short. We are a small group of young people who have come together to pool our knowledge and donations so that each:r individual can give in an uncomplicated, multi-faceted and effective way. As a non-profit organisation, we started together in 2021 so that donating becomes as natural a part of our lives as Netflix or the gym – and not out of self-interest or a guilty conscience, but to contribute to a better world together.

We created the DUC Club to make all your donation decisions as easy as possible. After all, there are a few intermediate steps between the wish to donate and the actual transfer. The research of the projects, a critical check of the donation organization, the concern that a small donation might not make a difference at all, and the final decision which of the countless, important projects it should be. This is where the DUC Club comes in: We introduce you to seven carefully selected donation projects, where your and our donations are bundled and safely arrive each month.

The idea of „donating opportunities together“ is at the heart of everything we do, from the first step to the last. Together, we can automatically increase our impact, benefit from constant exchange, motivate each other and continuously inspire each other with new ideas and approaches.

All costs incurred for the running of the association (e.g. for bank account and website) are covered by the members of the association themselves – your donation remains unaffected. There are no payment fees for your donation via Facebook, SEPA direct debit or bank transfer/standing order.  

Yes, of course. However, we are always happy if you keep us informed about private fundraising appeals. Just drop us a line at info@duc-club.org if you’d like to start a fundraiser through the DUC Club.

As part of the DUC community, you can get involved to the extent that suits you best. As a monthly donor, your contribution will help us increase our effectiveness in a targeted and ongoing way. You can lean back and let your donations create new opportunities. If you would also like to invest time and get actively involved, you can become a member of the DUC Club and get actively engaged as part of our non-profit organization, participate in our monthly meetings, and vote on selected projects on an annual basis. Just send us an email at info@duc-club.org and we will get in touch with you.

Still having questions? Please write as a message!

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